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Adding support for HTML5 video

Adding support for HTML5 video

Hi everybody! In this article, I’ll tell you about one HTML5 video player. Probably you know that state-of-the-art web browsers already support HTML 5, which lets you embed video into a web document in such a way that a web browser doesn’t need any plugins to play it.

Surely, Flash players won’t be completely replaced by HTML5 ones any time soon, but it makes sense to add support for HTML5 video (as many popular video hosting websites have already done).

So far, I know only one video player with built-in support for HTML5 video, and its name is Sublime Video.

However, I’d be happy to review other HTML5 video players too, just send me some links and suggestions.

Well, let’s start reviewing the above-mentioned player.

Here’s how it looks:

According to the player’s developers, only a few web browsers support it now:

  • Safari (v4.0.4+)
  • Google Chrome (v4.0+)
  • Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame :)

The good news is that Sublime Video’s user interface is excellent, and fullscreen playback is just superb.

The player’s development still goes on. If everything is OK, the following features will be added very soon:

  • Firefox support
  • Sound volume adjustmentv
  • And, what’s most important, IE support (by replacing the Flash player)

The great news is that the developer plans to make Sublime Video free for noncommercial use.

Alas, you cannot download the player and test it thoroughly now, while it’s not ready for release. Well, at least you can check out the excellent demo!

That’s all for now. I’m looking forward to your comments — tell me about other HTML5 video players. ;-)

Watch a Sublime Video demo

  • Splashnology Editors,
  • February 6, 2010


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