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Freebies: Chubby Stacks UI Kit (free download)

The great team at PixelKit offers a useful freebie – a wonderful selection of Chubby Stacks UI Kit . It’s beyond doubt that with it’s fresh and playful look, this UI kit is gonna make your design pop out. With the beautifully designed graphic elements you have all you’ll ever need to create a cohesive design.

PixelKit’s specialty is the UI buttons, boxes, menu elements, controls, and other design features that you spend so much time building for your site. Now that you have the ability to utilize PixelKit for the UIs that you need, you will find that it is easy to find just the type of interface that you need for any needs.

All of your work will have a clean and uniform look when you are using PixelKit. Best of all, you will get everything you need all in one space. You will not have to hunt all over the Internet any longer to find what you need. Just take a look at what PixelKit premium graphics and you will be convinced of that.

You are also free to use this UI kit on both personal and commercial projects.

Enjoy and share this with your friends!

Chubby Stacks UI Kit

Download the UI kit by clicking the button below:


Download the Chubby Stacks UI Kit (5.1mb)

About PixelKit

PixelKit offers thousands of different graphics for designers that make it the ideal solution for any web designer. They have some amazing UI kits that are perfect for just about any project.

  • AndrewG,
  • August 7, 2013


Andrew is the chief editor of Splashnology blog. He has many years of experience within the web design industry and has a passion for the latest web technologies. 3D Models Marketplace

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  • Ted

    I can’t seem to download, is there another link I can go to? Thanks!

  • Good Work :).

  • Ted

    I can’t seem to download, is there another link I can go to? Thanks!

  • Good Work :).