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A Showcase of Typography in Business Card Design

A Showcase of Typography in Business Card Design

When it comes to business cards, taking a little time and creativity over the design is imperative if you want to stand out from the crowd. Ensuring the design of your card reflects your occupation is a great way to make you and your business memorable to potential customers – and a little flair can make all the difference between leaving a great lasting impression and being dismissed to the litter bin. We look at some superb examples that show the potential lurking within that little rectangle of card.

1) Jason Oppliger

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This versatile artist clearly needed a business card that covered off his many skill sets. The result combines a lot of information with a lot of style. Designer Anthony Wybomy hasmade great use of block colours and different font, to give each skill its own space, while instilling the card a superb sense of positive energy.

2) Fenson Jeremy

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This striking card simply oozes confidence through both the design and the copy. ‘What I do isn’t work’ is a very bold statement to make on a business card, but the qualifier on the reverse side; ‘It’s passion.’ – goes a long way in communicating an impressive ethos. The black and yellow colour scheme and clear font compliment this no-nonsense, minimalist design to great effect.

3) Chlayton Morrissey

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Though it may look on first glance to be an event ticket, this creative business card actually promotes the credentials of a commercial entertainment photographer and photojournalist. The level of detail has allowed the designer to have plenty of fun and inject a little personality, including the OB1KNOB Star Wars reference in the top right hand corner.

4) Shyama Letterpress

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Humour is the magic ingredient for this card, which is dedicated to explaining the pronunciation of the brand. It’s safe to say that there aren’t many business cards out there featuring illustrations of llamas wearing glasses and the hot pink edging goes to take this vibrant, irreverent style even further.

5) Rawkes

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This whimsical business card exudes charm and a kind of childish purity that really appeals to the eye. The quirky, beautifully finished rocket illustration is tied into the business at hand thanks to the strap ‘Exploring the frontiers of online media’. While the ceremonial looking ribbon, simple font and starburst lighting effect help to make this company look like they can achieve anything.

6) Swiss Army Business Card

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Full marks for blue sky thinking go to the designer of this practical little business card. As well as being versatile – boasting a blank space for the name of the bestower – and presenting a great deal of information, this utilitarian card actually incorporates a cut-out ‘spork’ and chop-sticks, which makes it the kind of thing you’d want to keep in your wallet indefinitely.

7) Ryan O.Hicks

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As a graphic designer with a bent for photography it was obviously important for Hicks to demonstrate his skills, flair and personal sense of style on his business card. By using his own – manipulated – picture this autobiographical card serves as a visual reminder for anyone who’s met him, while the sparse layout for the text makes it a practical means of contact too.

8) Hidden Creative

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It’s easy to assume that a great business card needs to incorporate plenty of bells and whistles to stand out. However, as this card for Hidden Creative demonstrates, understated design often serves as a nod to quiet confidence and a grown-up approach to work. Sleek and simple, this card for a web design and corporate identity design agency has a touch of class that will never fail to impress.

9) Melody Nieves

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Bursting with playful energy, this card for a graphic designer uses a flawless pirate theme to exhibit the artist’s skills and creativity. The pirate map on the reverse conveys the contact details in an unusual way, while the illustrated portrait is perfectly framed by the decorative banner displaying the designer’s name and occupation.

10) Dabe Alan

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This slick card incorporates the work of theprofessional photographer into the typography itself. The chunky font is ideal for housing photographs from Alan’s portfolio, which look great against the stark white backdrop. The reverse side has a complimentary clean look, using colour very effectively to add character and clarity to the contact details.

  • Juleit Pena,
  • November 27, 2011


This is a guest post contributed by Julie Pena.

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