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Magical Pictures from Kirsty Mitchell Photography

This compilation is dedicated to a really magical and a bit mystical project “Wonderland”of photographer, designer and stylist Kirsty Mitchell. Her storybook without words is an amazing collection of magical pictures. British photographer Kirsty Mitchel started her project in summer 2009 and was working on it over 2 years, sometimes more than one month of hard work was spent on one picture.

“I make everything by myself from background choice to the material preparation; it means that I often have to paint fabrics for clothing by hand in accordance with exact shades of colors in the future photograph.”

Kirsty asserts that art is her life and she couldn’t imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t found the place in the country of beauty, elegance and bright colors. She has a very rare talent not only to imagine a scene, but also to bring her ideas into life.

“The project started 7 months after my mother’s death – it became a turning point in my approach to photography. It was the first time I tried to combine all my knowledge into one form – gathering background and costumes’ design, my love for art and film history as well as my passion for natural beauty of English landscapes.”

“In brief, merging of my interests is reflected on the memories associated with the fairytales my mother read me in the childhood.”

Making of Wonderland – ‘She’ll Wait For You In The Shadows Of Summer’

  • Splashnology Editors,
  • December 3, 2013


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