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Depositphotos Most Popular Images and Keywords

With its predicate as the fastest-growing microstock agency, has millions of image collections which are well selected to guarantee sure their quality. If it is calculated, more than 100 thousand images are added every week into this website’s library. This number is a result of great supports by some professional contributors / artists which have made as one of their best ways to promote themselves and also their arts.

Before buying or selling stuffs here, it is better for us to look around first. For example, to know what is the most popular or the best in this website. From the total number of 12 million stock images, some of them are trending. Although not all of these popular images are categorized as the best, but at least it can give us illustration of people’s preference here. To see the most popular photos and images in, we can just easily select from the menu on the bottom of the page. If you select the “Most Popular” link, it will direct you to the page where all popular images are displayed. Under the same menu, you will also see several links which will ease you in browsing this website’s content. Some of them are, “Categories” for easing your job in sorting the images based on its category; “Popular Keywords” which will show you the page containing most searched keywords of files here; and “Newest Files” for viewing Depositphotos’ newest stock files.

Most Popular Photos and Images

Depositphotos Most Popular Images and Keywords

Most of the displays in the “Most Popular” page are photos and images of sexy women, or images of other sexual things. Only small portion of these images are not related to sexuality. However, don’t judge it bad too early, because if you see it carefully, these women photos are very artistic and seems like it is created for specific purpose especially for advertisements in bikinis, underwear, or fashion products.

The other images in most popular category include calendar, vector, pattern, background, illustration, and other non-sexual photos in relatively small numbers.

Most Popular Keywords

If you still want to know what popular here, you can also check the “Popular Keywords” menu. Like mentioned before, it will take you to the list of most searched keywords in this website. From the list of these words, you can see that the larger a word printed, the more popular and more searched it is. This page is very useful for the contributors because it could be used as guidance in creating particular arts that sell well. Some of these keywords are “background,” “isolate,” “white,” “female,” “people,” “woman,” and so on.

Depositphotos Most Popular Images and Keywords

Apparently, after reviewing Depositphotos’ content, we can see that the most popular photos and keywords are always related to woman. Of course! Woman is the most beautiful thing in the world. Woman is the inspiration of art.

  • Splashnology Editors,
  • March 8, 2013


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