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Web Design Digest No.3 (05 — 10 May 2013)

This is weekly Web Design Digest No.3. Оnce a week, we will publish a digest of the latest news, useful tools for web developers, freebies and many more cool stuff from the world of web design.

Web Coding

Facebook to Firefox: Please add WebP image support

Facebook’s engineers like Google’s WebP and want Mozilla to build support for the image format into the Firefox browser.

8 HTML5 Animation Tools

Here are some amazing HTML5 animation tool that lets you do really amazing things all without Flash. Enjoy !

7 Awesome HTML5 Website Development Tools by Adobe

Let’s take a look at the latest Adobe’s HTML5 website development tools re-invented for 2013:

How To Avoid Duplicate Downloads In Responsive Images

The picture element is a new addition to HTML5 that’s being championed by the W3C’s Responsive Images Community Group (RICG). It is intended to provide a declarative, markup-based solution to enable responsive images without the need of JavaScript libraries or complicated server-side detection.

Adept – the adaptive JPG Compressor

This script adaptively alters the compression level for areas within JPEGs to achieve optimal filesize while maintaining decent visual quality. Currently, this script achieves an average 3-5% of reduced filesize compared to standard CLI tools such as jpegoptim while still maintaining good visual quality.

The Smashing Editor’s Choice: A Free eBook

Nearly half a year ago, we introduced our eBook subscription model, also known as the Smashing Library. We knew we were onto something good, realizing that the Smashing Library was the next step in offering quality content — at a price you’ll still be able to afford all of the coffee you need to stay up long enough to read the entire library and, of course, the free eBooks.

Responsive Retina-Ready Menu

A responsive, touch-friendly and Retina-ready menu with three layouts for different browser sizes.

Create a Contact Form in HTML5 and CSS3 for Dummies – Downloadable

Therefore today’s video will focus on how to create, but mainly how to style, your contact form using CSS3.


CSS Animate Effects We Can Learn From Animate.css

In this tutorial we going to look into the open source project which has become very popular lately…Animate.css. This is a project which is currently hosted on Github where you can download the source. We are going to look at some of the best CSS animation effects out of the 53 CSS Animation effects you can get with this project.

The HTML Email Boilerplate

With web development there are lots of common tasks that we do over and over again. This is where it’s helpful to work with tools that make our lives easier, this can be Server-side frameworks, HTML project boilerplates and HTML email boilerplates.

CSS Modal

Modals built out of pure CSS

Adobe demos its vision for the future of CSS

Adobe has provided further insight into its experimental work with responsive digital layout.

On CSS Documentation

Something that’s important for complex applications is to document the HTML and CSS. It’s important, but it’s often overlooked. Imagine if it was an integral part of the design process. It’s an integral part of Bootstrap and look how successful that’s been.

Vanishing Acts: The CSS :empty Selector

CSS writers are the blind swordsmen of web development: we pen declarations and throw them at HTML documents hoping that something might stick, but rarely are we aware of the specific content of a selected element: the question of how many words are in a paragraph, or if it contains any words at all, has traditionally been the responsibility of JavaScript, PHP, and other languages.

A Collection of Page Transitions

A showcase collection of various page transition effects using CSS animations.

JavaScripts – A jumpy js competition

The object of this competition is to create a cool JavaScript “application” no larger than 1k. Starting out as a joke, the first version ended with a serious amount of submissions, prizes and quality.

jsdares is an open source proof-of-concept

Make your own games by learning JavaScript programming!

Sharrre – Make your sharing widget!

Sharrre is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create nice widgets sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (with PHP script) and more.

JResponsive – Super-smooth transition layout for jQuery

JResponsive will organize your content in an efficient, dynamic and responsive layout. It can be applied to a container element and it will arrange its children in a layout that makes optimal use of screen space, by “packing” them in tightly. One of the very famous website that using this type of layout is Pulse.


Two.js is a two-dimensional drawing api geared towards modern web browsers. It is renderer agnostic enabling the same api to draw in multiple contexts: svg, canvas, and webgl.


You want fart noises as you scroll? We’ve got you covered.

Open Peer and the Frontiers of WebRTC

At Bocoup, we love working on the latest problems in front-end development such as parallel processing, best practices in web application development, and media-rich experiences. This is why we consider the folks at HookFlash kindred spirits; they have made browser-based peer-to-peer communication their “thing”. We recently had the privilege of working with the HookFlash team, and (as can only be expected when collaborating with passionate, talented individuals) we learned quite a bit.

Essential JavaScript: the top five graphical libraries

Jack Franklin explores five libraries for doing graphical work with JavaScript, covering data visualisation, 3D work and game-building


Instant side-by-side view of your comments and code.


The history of typography in five minutes flat

This brilliant paper animation covers the whole story of type, from beginning to end.

How to move from Illustrator to Photoshop without rasterizing (the easy way)

I’ve always had trouble getting large groups of shapes from Illustrator over to Photoshop without rasterizing them all in the process. Up until recently the only way I knew how was to copy and paste each shape one by one – a process which soon becomes tedious.

50 shades of grey in web design

Greyscale website design inspiration appears in pretty much all web design, the grey pallete is a great filler shade and works great on a website with 1 or 2 accent colours. Clean website designs go as far as having purely greyscale palettes and although some in this showcase have accent colours they are primarily greyscale website designs. We’ve had a look into black web design inspiration and now it’s the famous turn of 50 shades of grey.

Narrowing the Field: How To Bring Great Type Into Focus

Not everyone finds choosing type easy. In fact, it can be downright tough at times. Today, Robbie Manson (designer and all around good bloke) shares what works for him.

The History of Typography – Animated Short

A paper-letter animation about the history of fonts and typography.

Saul Bass logo design: then and now

The average lifespan of a Saul Bass logo is 34 years.

50 Creative Mobile Phone Logo For Inspiration

This collection will show you how to use a mobile phone shape to create a successful logo design.

TaskRabbit Gets a Brand New Look

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here. Today’s the day we finally get to flaunt our brand new design — and boy, are we feeling fine. We checked in with our very own Nazir Agah, who led the redesign initiative, for a look behind the logo. Enjoy, and let us know how you like our new style in the comments.

8 Reasons to Go for the Flat Design

The first thing you should know is that the flat design is quite controversial, since there are some people who claim that it has some problems in interfaces with some complexity, while others say that it is user centered, usable and very efficient. However, in order to see which side you are on, you should learn more about the features and advantages of this technique, which is why you should direct your attention towards the following paragraphs.

Inspirational Trend of Packaging Designs

If you are looking for some inspiration, then you are at the right place as today we share some really cool and awesome packaging examples in this list of Inspirational Trends of Packaging Designs.

6 Websites for Finding Color Mix Inspiration

There are a lot of great websites out there for finding color inspiration, and each has a specific niche. Taken together, this list should fulfill all your searching needs, whether that means getting your imagination recharged by a variety of images, finding great stock or free photos, or making the perfect set of color palettes.

Free Retro Fonts to Take your Design Skills One Step Ahead

Today we are showcasing 25 Beautiful Retro Fonts for Designers these fonts are handy and useful to make your websites eye catching and creative.


Useful Tips: How to Find Free Graphic Resources

In the past week, I’ve discovered some interesting stuff developed by some really skilled people.

Free Download: Padded Envelope Textures

Today we have a set of 5 textures from padded envelopes. The set includes scanned textures from both the inside and outside of a padded envelope, and they can be used for creating backgrounds in your own designs.

25 Free Photoshop Patterns, Textures And Brushes For Download

We are going to share with you a very handy and sweet collection of Photoshop patterns “25 Sweet Photoshop Pattern Packs For Free Download” you will definitely find these useful for your new project.

Top 10 Free Icon Fonts

Here’s the list of the best free icon fonts out there

25 Minimal Business Card Templates

This article features a showcase of several free and premium PSD minimal business card templates you can use to create stunning elegant business cards for you and, why not, for your clients, friends and family.

30 Creative Free Business Card Templates

Here we have collected creative free business card templates which can be used to show your mark in the market.

25 Free Shopping Cart Psd Files For Your E-commerce Website

In today’s we have gathered are 25 amazing , proper and elegant Free download Shopping Cart Psd Files that you can use in your ecommerce website project.

Free UI Web Elements PSD For Download

Today we have collected “Free UI Web Elements PSD For Download”. We hope these free UI web elements collections are very helpful for web designers, so let’s have a look below download your free UI web element PSD and enjoy.

8 New Marvelous Greek Mythological Vector Packs & Freebie

The Greek mythology is well known about its beautiful stories and teachings about the gods and heroes, about the beginning of the world and religion. It also has a specific type of art which is distinct and very representative.

30 Free Rose Brushes Sets For Designers

We showcase a collection of some amazing and high-quality rose brushes for Photoshop. Check them out and pick the ones you like the best! Here goes the list of 30 Free Rose Brushes Set For Designers.

Collection of Free Fonts and Typefaces for April 2013

We would like to present to you a really amazing collection of free download fonts collected from all over the web.

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