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Meet Webydo – Review

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen victim to the dependency on handwritten code or other technical issues during your web design projects implementation. If the very term HTML makes you sad and kills any creative inkling you may felt, don’t lose your heart – an absolutely code-free Webydo website builder is here to help you :).

Meet Webydo

meet webydo

Webydo isn’t just another online site maker with a library of predesigned templates, images, and buttons you can pick and stick together to create a website, but it’s a professional web design suite enabling graphic designers to create and manage exceptional, stunning websites without writing codes. Although it is very easy-to-use, its Design Management System and CMS offer a range of the most advanced tools to bring your designs to life hassle-free.

Before going into detail about the features of Webydo, I’d like to say a few words about its philosophy (which I found very touching and inspiring). Firstly, this platform is created By Designers, for Designers: Webydo is the result of work of a community of designers, and you will definitely feel this when entering your Webydo account for the first time: every feature, every single button is made with designers’ needs in mind.

What’s more, as a Webydo customer, you can contact their friendly Team directly anytime – be it an offer of a new feature you’d like to see on Webydo, or just a slight bug report. They’re always open for discussion and encourage their customers to participate in the Webydo development process.

Webydo Features

Because Webydo is primarily focused on easy web design solutions, let’s start with its DMS and CMS particular qualities:

  • Professional, in-browser web design tools providing you full control over all design elements.
  • Drag and drop and WYSIWYG editors enabling you to move, resize, rotate and modify different virtual objects (shapes, images, forms, menus, widgets, Flash, texts, videos etc.) immediately.
  • Code-free editing: every change you make to your web design is instantly converted into an updated code.
  • Smart dashboard: it allows designers to manage multiple projects from one control panel, as well as to set different site permissions.


Apart from these design-related features, Webydo offers an entire cloud-hosting infrastructure allowing you to breathe easily when publishing and maintaining your website. Forget about such headaches as website migration, picking the right hosting provider, backups and other hosting-related technicalities – by choosing Webydo you will leave all these issues to the professionals. This is to say that this platform not only allows you to design a website in a great, friendly and inspiring environment, but it also allows you to publish your website independently, with just a click of your mouse.

So, now, when you know what is Webydo in a nutshell, how much would you pay for getting it? Webydo founders give it to you for free – you can build as many websites on Webydo as you wish using their subdomain. But if you decide to take the plunge and move your website to a custom domain you’ll have to upgrade your Free plan. Webydo Premium costs $7.90/monthly if billed annually.

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  • August 27, 2013


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