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In Graphic Designing, Let The Brain Do Its Trick

People have a certain mind frame that the designer is the one who is an expert on a graphic designing software and that is where he or she masters the thread but what is the reality that the difference between a design made by an expert and a design made by an amateur differs due to the components it exists by brainstorming. What is the term brain storming and why it is used here and what it has to do with the graphic designing?

This is the secret of the professional designing companies but they do not only have a certain no. of designers instead they have a complete team with a manager, think tank, creative team, designers and analysts. One could say that how it is possible that for a mini job of a few tens of dollars a big team with this much expertise could be utilized. The question is quite right that how a small company could afford it if it is possible with the larger ones? It is possible because it is not necessary that there must be tens of people per each group instead all together there could be just a group of 3-4 people but the important thing is that they must do the steps cautiously which includes customer requirement gathering, brainstorming, designing and testing phases so it requires time for a small no. of people but not that far a no. any larger.

A good designer or analyst could easily tell that the design is made up by a good designer or by a good designing agency which have different departments because whether anyone other could argue or not I certainly thinks that the brainstorming have a vital action in it. So we will for now just discuss about only one department of that and that is brainstorming which includes the following worries that are to be thought upon.

1. Thinking Of The Basic Concept Of The Design

After gathering all the information from the customer the think tank should get busy and analyze that what type of the design category is required. There is no doubt that a logo design is just a constitution of shapes and colors but apart from the ability of the designer what brings the life to the particular logo design is an idea. The idea is the main thing and this is the only way to bring versatility in the design and that is why each and every dimension should be analyzed according to the requirements of the customer and then the thinking team should come up with a simple and yet mind blowing idea.

There are many elements that a design must constitute and that is why it is important because the design must contain simplicity combining with a perfect element of being an unforgettable design.

2. Identify The Objective Market

First to get an idea and second it is important to know that what type of the business the customer is in and for that purpose it is important to not only get the perfect knowledge of the customer’s business but also know very well the business of the rivals. The weakness of the rivals within the objective market could the ultimate tool for you to impress the customer and for customer to progress in the business.

3. Think Of The Integrity Of The Company

The services of the company have a great deal in the making of the logo and for that purpose try to know that whether the company is a reputable one among the others or it is a company that is under progress and the third category is a category that contains the struggling companies and it is most probable that the most designing agency would be consulted for the third type of services.

Designers know that the integrity of the customer’s company decides what type of font should be used for the design, confused? Don’t be; consider a law firm and a bakery. The design for the bakery could be with any font italic or curly but for a law firm designer could only have a restricted choice.

4. Make The Choice Whether To Use Brand Name Or Not

One thing that matters is the designer decides that the design should contain the brand name or not. Some designers like to just select a good shape and that is it they do not use the name of the brand in the design while on the other hand few designers comes up with just the written name of the brand where it is required like this.

So it is important to think both ways and see what lies better according to the circumstances.

5. Client’s History

It is important to have a brief look at the history of the company because not many people want a change to the people who deal with because someone would not recognize the representation of the company and may well lose some customers.

It is necessary to see the previous designs and build something likely to the previous designs influenced by a good progressing idea.

6. Simplicity Is The Key

No matter how the design is it should keep in mind that the design should be simple and good. And the viewer should not feel that it is a color book for any child instead it should look appropriately professional.

The logo should be conveying a message and the message should be simple and clever to attract people.

7. Sketch Of Idea

The time to finally sketch the idea has arrived and the idea should not be deployed to the designer rather the design should be sketched on a paper and then all the design elements should be easily identified because on a piece of paper it is far quicker to get the design right while on a software it is far more time consuming.

The designing agencies should explore their minds to get good ideas and this is only possible by certain brainstorming.

  • Rachael Fernandes,
  • November 20, 2013


Rachael Fernandes is a graphic designer working in the design industry for last 5 years. She is working as a head graphic designer for LogoTod and loves to write about her experiences and problems that she has faced all these years. She specialized in the field of graphics and logo design.

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