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Underground Web Design Trends of The Internet Life Cycle

Do you know the reason and the change in world’s website design? The change is because of the technology that has moved to new advancements and preferences of design as preferred by the internet users. Due to this changing trends the web designers have to be on their toes on this technological era. Things change so fast that the hot stuff today may not be the one tomorrow. Designers have to be updated with to avoid delivering old rustic websites from foregone era.

Whatever you design, it is just a reflection of user’s culture and expectations for user interfaces. Ideally the trends would represent favourable ideas in the design community. So keep your eyes peeled on these impressive and interesting trends and techniques:

Code free design

Code Free Design

Since the dawn of the internet the designers tends to look for easier ways to design and build websites. There are several online design studio that let the web designers be free from the tedium of coding for website. This in return has increased the productivity and efficiency. The growth of the product is booming as the top website designers or graphic designers in Essex is getting experienced in developing such product day by day.

Responsiveness of website

Responsive web design
As there are various hand held devices in the market with different screen size and resolutions this has threshold the requirement of layouts that could be used to match all forms of digital media. For instance it should support desktops, laptop’s, smartphones, tablets and also for the devices of coming future.

In general it could be thought as a single uniform website design that could be running perfectly on all environments with single set of codes. They are not built to cater only the mobile browsers, it should also add brilliant illustrations and graphics into the layout even if the browser window is larger.

The bottom line of this thought was to develop a design that is dynamic fluid by nature.

Retina Support

Retina Support

There has been dramatic rise in people in building the website layouts for retina devices. These screens are basically twice as dense as the average LCD. Hence they have the same number of physically pixels but digitally twice as many physical space could be fitted into that same space.

To create this pixel perfect designs, the designers would sample the image at double the resolution and would then save the standard version at half of its size. Thus this scaled down larger image would look very crisp while it is on the retina screens.

Bottom Line

While building the digital products UI has always been the complex topic. These design trends have always been aimed for building layouts that matches the navigations and content styles in the right direction.

  • Daniel Clark,
  • December 4, 2013


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