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Why should you care about responsive design?

When hiring a web design company it’s crucial to consider how a responsive version of your website will work for your audience. We all know that an increasing proportion of web traffic is comprised of mobile and tablet devices, and in order to offer browsers using these devices the very best experience on your website, it ought to be responsive. There are exceptions to this rule, but more often than not it’s crucial to deliver an online experience that work on a full range of different viewports. If not, your bounce rate is probably going to be sky high and your conversion rates pitifully low.

If you’ve ever tried to browse a desktop website on a mobile device it’s not hard to see why, the user experience can be like trying to pull teeth! Not every web design agency out there has the skill or expertise to provide their clients with professional website designs that are responsive. When hiring an agency, ensure they have the ability to deliver a design that works for your business.

What does “responsive” mean?

In very simple terms, responsive means your website resizes itself according to the browser your visitors use. If someone lands on your website using a state of the art iMac with a huge screen, your site will be displayed at an optimal resolution automatically. If someone lands on your website using a mobile device with a tiny screen, the site will be resized to offer them a seamless browsing experience. If you want to offer value to every last website visitor that lands on your website, responsive website design is a must. Screens come in all different sizes – responsive websites are able to cater for them all.

This article at is filled full of interesting mobile stats for you to scratch your head over. Globally there are over 1.2 billion (yes, billion with a “B”) people that access the web using a mobile device. If you fail to optimise your website for viewing on a mobile device, you’re immediately handicapping your website – 1.2 billion is a whole lot of people.

Perhaps the most interesting stat in the article is the fact that no screen size has more than a 20% market share. So, you might have optimised your website perfectly for your monitor, but at the very best your website isn’t optimised for 80% (and possibly more) of web users.

Whilst all of the stats in the article are impressive, it’s important to remember that tablet and mobile device sales are outstripping the sales of desktop and laptop computers by some distance. It won’t be long before most of us will be browsing regularly on a mobile or tablet device, thus making it even more important for you and your company to consider responsive website design.

The last of the stats we’ll discuss from the article is the one that states that over half a billion tablets will ship in 2013 and 2014. That’s another half a billion users that could really use a responsive website for a seamless browsing experience. It’s certainly food for thought.

Choose carefully when hiring a web design company because if the web design agency that you use doesn’t have the expertise to design and build responsive websites, your site simply doesn’t stand a chance. Professional website designs that don’t offer responsive functionality are fast becoming obsolete. The world is increasingly “going mobile” so it’s important for you and your business to keep up with that trend by developing the right responsive website.

  • Andy,
  • October 9, 2015


Andy works as Managing Director in London based Web Design Company, specialising in brand design services like CMS development, UI design, and professional website design. He loves to share his thoughts on the latest design trends and upcoming branding strategies.

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