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3D Printing: Awesome Android apps that help you get started

Fading away of the 2D ecosphere has created room for the emergence of the 3D Universe. Whether you’re a regular customer or the owner of an established enterprise, 3D printing definitely holds a special place in all your tasks.

Fortunately, we now have 3D printers which can be conveniently operated via your laptop, desktop or smartphones; provided you have an in-depth knowledge about the concept of 3D Printing. Specially talking about smartphones, irrespective of whether you own an Android phone, an iPhone or a BlackBerry phone, there are apps which make it flexible and comfortable for you to control your 3D printers.

As an uncontrollably addictive trend, 3D printing is for you if you’ve a creative bend of mind and love printing new things, shopping online, browsing forums and doing a lot of fun stuff online. Being an Android user offers you the opportunity of making the most of your passion for printing things. There are tons and tons of Android apps which will take your 3D printing experience to a whole new level of excellence. Backed by a small learning curve, these apps allow you to enjoy control over your 3D Printer. Today, through this post, I’m inclined on highlighting few of these finest Android apps which help you make the most of your 3D printing journey. So, without any further adieu, let’s simply hop onto these Android apps custom-made for 3D Printing.

1. Autodesk 123D Catch

Autodesk 123D Catch

Since the contemporary smartphone devices don’t offer any options for capturing 3D images, relying on a suitable app is perhaps the right option. If you’re an Android user who’s looking for printing 3D photographs which have been captured using the smartphone camera, then the Autodesk 123D Catch is the app for you. With this app installed in your device, you can conveniently capture a 3D Image by simply merging a series of images that have already been clicked around a particular object. The best assets of this Android app include the following:

  • Flexibility of sharing the 3D images with other 123D Catch customers and
  • Flexibility of extracting and converting the end result into a format that can be handled by your 3D printer.

2. GCodePrintr

As one of the most popular and highly recommended Android apps for 3D printing, GcodePrintr allows you to transform your existing Android smartphone into a full-fledged 3D printer via a USB-OTG cable. Installing this app in your Android smartphone will offer you basic and advanced printer controls including Extruder, XYZ Movement, Heat etc. This app offers you complete 3D printing control. You’re just required to load your gcode/3D model into it and the same would get printed directly without the need for any desktop computer. Some of the other interesting features available in GcodePrintr app include the following:

  • Touch screen control interface
  • Print simulation
  • Layer by layer visualization
  • Support for SD Card printing
  • Support for wireless printing over Bluetooth
  • A seamless web interface for viewing the print status remotely
  • Flexibility to view printing details like speed, estimated time, cost, filament usage etc.

3. GcodeTouch3D Beta

GcodeTouch3D Beta

GCodeTouch3D is currently available in its beta version and is simple to a level that even your kids can use it for painting and printing anything in 3 dimension. With GcodeTouch3D app, you just need to paint the very first layer using your fingers and the app would automatically add extra layers on the top of the object, followed by printing the final result on your 3D printer. While the current version of the app supports addition of new layers(keeping the geometry as it is), the later versions would also include the flexibility of adding multiple transformation utilities such as shrink layer, rotate layer etc. The best thing about GCodeTouch3D app is that it works with a wide collection of 3D printers like Ultimaker, Robot3d, Reprap, Solidoodle and many more. Plus, it also works with popular firmwares including Marlin, Sprinter, Smoothie etc.

4. Tinkerplay


As a free-to-install Android app, Tinkerplay allows you to unleash the creative side of your personality by designing, customizing and 3D printing scary creatures, cartoon characters and almost everything that you can image. All you need to do is simply access the built-in library, drag specific parts, merge them and snap them to form a particular texture/shape. If you’re done with creating your design and are interested in customizing your creation, just top to change the entire portion or you may also opt for switching to the magnifying mode for re-designing the shape in a lot more detail. If you don’t want to create your own characters, Tinkerplay app has some absolutely commendable built-in character templates. You can simply mix up parts and go ahead with creation of a ninja or a scorpion- printing the same via your 3D printer.


Gone are the days when 3D printing seemed to be a daunting task. Thanks to the continuous advancements in the field of mobile technology, we can now use it for controlling the working of our 3D printer. So, get going and install the above Android apps to enjoy an enticing and fun-filled 3D printing experience.

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