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Showcase of Inspirational Beverage Websites

Showcase of Inspirational Beverage Websites

We can’t imagine our lives without beverages. Throughout the day – at home, at work, in the intimate circle of friends, while walking down the street, practically everywhere – we drink all the time. As webdesigners we must be ready to create any kind of sites and in this showcase we will take a brief look at a compiled roundup of beverege websites created by the really dedicated designers.

Beverages are what we drink everyday: from mineral water and fresh juices, hot coffee, refreshing soft drinks and soda to exquisite wines, liquers and other alcoholic beverages, thus beverage websites can be a good source of inspiration. Attractive and good-looking websites can be very effective additional marketing tool. Beverage websites must be always very creative and beautiful: bright eye-catching layouts, different creative techniques and approaches, that’s all that you may find in your search of inspiration. Below you will find a showcase of inspirational beverage websites, designed in a friendly and a very approachable way that really worth a look.

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  • October 27, 2011,
  • Mary Taime