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Elements to Remember in Web Site Design

Elements to Remember in Web Site Design

In this article I would like to write about design elements, which are often overlooked by web design beginners. Those elements that should already be by default, they are often not mentioned in the requirements specification, because many people think that designers already know about them and you shouldn’t bore anyone describing them.

So, let’s start. If you draw

Login form – don’t forget about the “Forgot your password?” and “remember me” checkbox, as well as about the user’s registration page.

Navigation – provide that in addition to standard “on site” and “news” the other sections may be added too. Keep in mind that in most cases, site administrators can add and delete sections.

Languages selection – keep in mind that the titles and sections in different languages have different numbers of characters.

Search – be sure to draw the output page. Also, if you draw a link “advanced search”, then you should show how it will look.

News and all sorts of news feeds – don’t forget about the pagination. Loading new batch of content to achieve the end of the page has become very popular, but the content load is not infinite, for example, you can load 3-4 batches, and then appears the link “download more …». It is also desirable to be drawn.

Form – please note that the user can enter something incorrectly and here an error should be displayed. Show how the errors will be displayed. Don’t forget to draw the “antibot code”, so that when coding, the coder could insert a static image, and the programmer will replace it with the right code.

Avatars (for social networks, blogs, forums) – when you present them in their various forms (profiles, comments, post, top 10, etc), then follow the proportions, and you’d better determine in advance what sizes should immediately be generated (50-50, 100×100 …) to lean on these dimensions in the future.

Pages with text – apply to them all the elements in different order at once (lists, links, images, titles, transfers, etc.). Then the coder will immediately define a style for them, and there will be fewer problems with WYSIWYG editor.

Links – determine the colors (hover, visited).

Comments to the post or to the guest book – be aware that comments don’t appear themselves, the user should leave them, and it requires a special form, which also has to be drawn.


My name is Alisher Agzamov. I am a programmer. I develope a web-based applications since 2003.

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