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Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

If you’re concerned with web design/development and everything concomitant, and you read blogs and use social media to connect to the community, no doubt you might become interested in learning about some new faces in this fields. This time, we had an interview with Vadim Sherbakov a designer living and working in Moscow.

Please tell us a bit about your background. How did you come to web design?

As long as I can remember, I was always interested in design, but I chose to go for a business school in UK for my education (which in a sense helped me a lot after all in my career as a designer). Fortunately, I realized soon enough that business is not my cup of tea, and I decided to change my career. I went for a position of a senior designer on а TV channel, doing CG for TV programs such as openers, titles, program design. Then after a while, together with 2 of my friends, we decided to create a freelance community on our own, doing mostly CG for films and TV commercials. During the next several years we’ve produced many CG shots, commercials and tv show graphics and a year ago we’ve decided to merge with a bigger production company to increase our production output. By that time I was already an Art director in our small establishment and I found a new interest in web design and UI (mostly iOS) design and decided to pursue that path as well. I’ve created my own portfolio website and to my astonishment it became a “site of the day” in and had been pronounced one of 365 best sites in the world in 2011.

The True Illusion in Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

Have you received any special education before starting your career? Could you become what you are now without it?

I received business education which helps me with my freelance career. All my design education was mostly watch and learn education as well as self-education.
Alex Malyukov in Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

Did you look up to someone when you were a beginning designer? Are there any professionals you still look up to?

I usually pay attention to projects or work not as a designer, I may like 2-3 works from one designer and 1 or 2 from another and so forth, or studio when you see а collaboration of the designers works. But I remember from the early days I loved the Hydro74 works (mostly all of them), still fascinated by the quality of his work. Today I really like the work of Jonas Eriksson. He is a terrific designer.

Could you name a few inspiring designs you’ve seen recently?

76 Synthesizer is one crazy iPad application. Totally awesome design. 360° Langstrasse Zürich is a jaw dropping parallax scrolling website as well as new Beetle Volkswagen site. I also really like – fantastic website for a company producing handmade soaps.
Fusion Essence in Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

What social media do you use for work? Which one is your favourite?

I use Twitter and Facebook. I really like Dribbble – some kind of social network (if I may say so) for a designers and is my favorite one.

Where do you go for design inspiration?

I have a day-to-day routine of checking dribbble, awwwards sites and I also sent up my iPad rss reader for several design site such as etc.

How do you find/attract web design clients?

Since my portfolio site became of the day client usually find me at awwwwards and dribble themselves.
Made by Vadim in Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

How do you usually start a new project?

I usually check out the clients website (if it exists), try to understand what they want and need from me in the project. I also try to find the best example in the field of the project, to see what I will be up against and what my work will be compared to. I also try to find an inspiration in the recent cool concepts, web sites etc, not to copy but to be inspired and motivated, to craft something better or at least as cool as it.
Logos in Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

How do you think, what are the most important skills for a designer to have/develop?

I believe that the most important skill for a web designer nowadays is skill to work with fonts. Create great composition with different types of fonts as well as finding the one for your next project is a skill which comes with practice or never comes at all. I constantly search through the web for new and exciting fonts for my next big project. I like traditional foundry where you could find a solid professional font, but I also love small independent foundry with smaller selection or even independent designers with 1-2 fonts to offer – this is an equivalent of treasure hunting for me :)
Ankor Graphics in Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

Do you have any favorite websites for interacting with others in the design community?

Dribbble. Periodically.
New Lapino in Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

How do you think, what trends will be popular in 2012?

More cool bold big typography. Textured websites are still popular. Responsive design becomes even more popular and will be starting to become a major trend since there will be iPad 3 and iPhone 5 in nearest future (I hope)
Stylapps in Meet the Designer – Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

What changes would you like to see in the design community in the next 5 years?

As for the other industries, I would love to see more new ideas. It would be great to see more cool sites such as dribble, behance or cargo collective to emerge.

Thank you Vadim for your participation and for the great responses. We wish you a lot of new and interesting projects.

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