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Rules to Follow for Effective Freelance Work

Rules to Follow for Effective Freelance Work

There are several reasons why people decide to work as freelancers. The most common is the ability to arrange your own time and working process, especially it is very comfortable for those people who can work efficiently in the particular time of the day. Also, there is no necessity to waste your precious time on getting to the work place, on attending work meetings or dealing with some additional tasks your boss gave you (which usually are not in your responsibility).

A freelancer is “free” to decide and choose the project he wants to work on and the people to work with, to prevent oneself from getting bored of daily routine tasks and from unfriendly employers. You will never get fired and you are to plan your vacation whenever you like it! But some of the begging well skilled professionals avoid the chance of becoming an independent worker, as there are particular risks of not being paid, they don’t know how to get started, where to find clients and they can’t manage their time and get motivated to work effectively. Here is possible to enumerate a great list of pros and cons, but it is not we are going to talk about.

Further we are going to talk about the principles every freelancer should adhere to for making a working process more productive and effective.

Arrange Your Working Place

As a matter of fact, when you become a freelancer your home becomes your working place. It is very seldom when people rent an office, it’s additional waste of time and money. You should select a rather light place in your house, where you can place all the necessary stuff you work with. Here the main rule to follow is that you must feel yourself comfortable. Also, one cannot omit the health side, so get yourself a proper table and chair and make sure that your screen is on a safe distance from your eyes. To optimize your workflow, keep your working area clean and organized.

Set Yourself a Strict Schedule

Plan at what time you need to get up, start working, taking your lunch etc. First of all determine your working hours. Take into account all the actions you do over your working time: how long does it take you to check your email and other social network contacts (only those, which are related to your work), the work itself, communicating with your clients and planning of your next day tasks. Of course there will always be unpredictable situations when you will need to work longer hours to meet some deadline or to do something extremely important in the middle of your working process, but for all other times – stick to your schedule. Let your family and friends know that within those hours you would prefer not to be disturbed.

Make Yourself a To-do List

In case you often get distracted or you are not motivated enough it would be very reasonable to create yourself a do-do list. You can write down every task and then perform it step-by-step or make yourself a kind of notifications, simply write the things to-do on colorful stickers and place them before one’s eyes. You will notice how effective it might be after completing few of such lists.

Get Inspired and Motivated

One of the significant things when working at home is not to get bored and not to lose the motivation and desire to do your job. To prevent this, always be informed about the latest news in the field you are working, get some new experiences, learn something new and improve your skills. Try to find some unusual approaches in other related areas and apply them to your current project.

Don’t Wear Yourself out

Making attempts to finish all your deadlines prematurely and to work more and harder can exhaust you. Keep in mind the fact that you won’t make a lot of money sacrificing your health instead. Take the time you need to relax, forget about the everyday tasks for several minutes and refresh both your body and mind. That will help you stay in good spirits and will balance your working time.

Working as a freelancer from home can be quite beneficial, when you follow the discipline and able to manage your free and work time. There are hundreds of other useful tips on the Internet on how to become a successful freelancer, but sticking up to the simple rules I have mentioned above can make it easier for you to find your own way of organizing workflow and making it more efficient. Hope that some of these advices might become handy to you.

  • Julie McMilan,
  • March 15, 2012


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