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How Responsive Design Can Benefit Your Business

In business, as with anything as competitive, you’re on top one day and out the next. This means that your marketing strategies need to keep constantly improving if you want to stay on top as much as possible. So digital marketing is an obvious must-have in this era of internet-mania, smart phones and virtual fun.

But why is responsive web-design essential for you and your site? Well the first thing to consider, when marketing online, is that tablets, phones and mobile PCs are becoming the fabric of the future. It is estimated that phones will be the first choice for consumers when it comes to engaging with brands or businesses, so responsive design may just be what you are looking for. Furthermore, considering that there are so many great tutorials and kits for web designers online, you can be sure that your mission will be made easier.

1. Why Responsive Design is Important for Your Business

This means that your homepage, as excellently designed as it may be, is losing conversion rates if it is not responsively designed. Of course, adjusting content to according screen size is not all you need to have in mind when remarketing yourself or your brand, but it is an essential and elegant step to take in order to ensure that more visitors actually click the buy button.

Brands like Lovehoney, Bench, State Farm, Baines & Ernst, Horze, CareerBuilder and many more have experienced tremendous conversion rate increase, revenue growth and an overall mobile traffic increase since their meet and greet with responsive design. This is because shopping is supposed to be a relaxing, convenient experience and having a site that translates easily and elegantly across platforms will work wonders.

2. How Responsive Design Works

The philosophy behind responsive design is that you get to maintain and develop one site that works across countless devices, so you need only one set of analytics to check in terms of SEO and only one marketing strategy to put together. Not only that, but your visitors have a chance to judge you every time they visit your site, and if they find a page that is not mobile friendly they will easily get frustrated and leave, never to return again.

How Responsive Design WorksUsers will judge your site and implicitly your company within seconds after seeing it for the first time, so first impressions is essential to how the public perceives you. Elegance, user-friendliness, site- aesthetics are therefore decisive for visitors, according to, and since they directly influence whether or not they perceive your brand as trustworthy, the economic ramifications are enormous.

3. Responsive Design for eCommerce Websites

The best part of e-commerce and responsive design for your website is that they will not require the amount of capital you think they will. You can easily set up your site with use of platform providers, professional templates and widgets that are designed to help you launch your online store as fast as possible. These template-based, user-friendly platforms offer responsive templates that enable you to shift the focus of your site towards mobile-internet users, although such sites make the storeowner stay behind the pack when it comes to the responsive design curve.

Responsive Design for eCommerce Websites

Ideally, you will chose a platform that offers you complete control over how your site looks like, but when trying to get a site up and going, while making sure it also offers responsive design, you may very well be surrendering this control. Nevertheless, forced responsive design is better than no responsive design where customers are concerned, so get to it!

Responsive Design Tutorials

Considering that you have finally decided to take the great leap towards responsive design, here are a few resources that you will find very useful:

1. Introduction to Responsive Web Design

This first tutorial is a brief introduction to the world of responsive design. It presents the main reasons for which webmasters should consider responsive web design for their page. Furthermore, the video is followed by eight extra tutorials that are invaluable for those who wish to experiment with this type of web design.
Introduction to Responsive Web Design
View Tutorial

2. Responsive Design With CSS3 Media Queries

This may not be a video tutorial, but it is still an excellent resource for designers and webmasters who want to create a cross-browser responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3. The reasons for which the tutorial is useful is because it presents step-by-step information that will help you better implement and appreciate the impact of media queries.
Responsive Design With CSS3 Media Queries
View Tutorial

3. Responsive Images: Experimenting with Context-Aware Image Sizing

Obviously, images are extremely important when designing a responsive website. This is because large images that will not scale according to context will negatively impact the experience of the user. With this tutorial, created by Scott Jehl you will learn how to use build-from-mobile images. You will be presented UA sniffing techniques and image manipulation tips.

Responsive Images: Experimenting with Context-Aware Image Sizing

View tutorial

4. Responsive Web Design by Niels Henrik

The Responsive Web Design tutorial by Niels Henrik is an excellent resource for beginners. In it, the creator explains exactly how the elements scale according to screen type, how you should edit the style.css and index.html sections and how to move past obstacles. This wonderful tutorial is followed by other tricks presented in videos.
Responsive Web Design by Niels Henrik
View tutorial

5. Fluid Images

In case you didn’t know who Ethan Marcotte is, I will tell you. He is the designer who first came up with the concept of responsive design, and he knows all there is to know about it. The best way to learn something, is by going directly to the source, so here is a great tutorial that will help you understand how fluid images work.

Fluid Images

View tutorial

So, are you ready to start experimenting with this revolutionary technique of optimizing your site? I know it must seem overwhelming at first, but responsive design is definitely worth the effort. If you are promoting an eCommerce website it will also make the marketing of your products easier, and if you are a blogger you will gain significant amounts of mobile visitors.

  • Anna Robeson,
  • September 27, 2013


Anna Robeson works for a guest post service company, while overseeing a team of SEO experts. Trying to offer her clients the best solutions possible to grow their business, Anna is also teaching them how to survive the competitive and complicated jungle of online marketing.

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