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Overview of CMS extensions suitable for launching a microblogging service

Overview of CMS extensions suitable for launching a microblogging service

In my recent article, I overviewed the best stand-alone solutions for launching a microblogging service, and now we’ll see what the popular CMSs can offer on that :-)

Drupal Microblog


Users can update their statuses, subscribe to blogs and respond to other users’ statuses. The module also lets one make a news feed of the latest status updates. Alas, so far the module provides no API, neither for updating nor for getting statuses from other websites.

Drupal FacebookStatus


This module lets you implement the Wall feature of Facebook and Twitter, i.e. let each user show what he or she feels or does at the moment. The tags (#, @) and the tet-a-tet mode (similar to one in Facebook) are supported too. I should note that an open API is available.

Joomla Microblog


Implements most microblogging features. One of its peculiarities is the using of Joomla’s default editor for preparing messages.



TWPtter is a microblogging plugin for WordPress, which lets one make short postings known as twps (“twips”). A message can be no longer than 150 characters but can include links to other websites, articles and blog postings. The cool thing is that WordPress tags can be used, and twps can be searched by tags. E-mail posting is supported too. The plugin is highly tunable: you can specify a page title for a twp, the number of twps per page, their sorting order, etc.

WordPress Microblogger


This plugin adds a sidebar showing the latest statuses. It should be noted that one can adjust the sidebar’s appearance as one wishes (there’s a special UI for that), and that RSS feeds can be generated from microblogs.

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